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You can help the most vulnerable residents in our community by providing a retirement community donation to the St. Joseph of the Pines Philanthropy. Learn more about our Planned Giving options.

The St. Joseph of the Pines Philanthropy began in 2015 to ensure that our mission of being a compassionate and transforming healing presence in our community is sustained in perpetuity. Donors to the Philanthropy are secure in knowing that their contributions are separate from operating funds and are used to carry out our mission and core values.

St. Joseph of the Pines has always excelled at being a partner in the wellbeing of the communities that it serves – by giving back through volunteerism, unreimbursed care and providing services to those with little or no insurance.

Philanthropy is a way for us to fund the mission-driven services that we provide such as St joseph of the Pines Rural Health initiative in rural North Carolina. Which is a semi is a medical and dental clinic on wheels that serves those without access to such care and services. It is also used for educational and cultural enrichment. Donations to the Philanthropy can target programs like this and many more at St. Joseph of the Pines.

Currently, we provide medical and dental care to patients in Cumberland, Lee and Moore counties thanks to a volunteer team of professionals. However, the waiting list for dental services alone contains more than 500 people. One of our goals is to eliminate the list.

Please join us in helping to take care of the needy by giving them a hand up, not a handout. Thank you in advance for your support!

For more information or to provide a retirement community donation today, please call (910) 246-3100.

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