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Senior couple meeting with a financial planner to help save for retirement.

Senior Living

Financial Planning Tips for Senior Retirement

At any age, planning for your retirement is critical. The decisions you make now will impact your decisions in the future. For seniors, the goal is to have the confidence that you have the funds to...

Mixed nuts in a bowl highlighting healthy snacking options for seniors.

Senior Living

Healthy Snacking: How Nuts Can Help Promote Senior Health

We’ve heard all about superfoods. This is a marketing term used to classify foods that are extremely nutrient-dense and healthy. While there is no set list of superfoods, fish, yogurt, nuts, olive...

Tips for Touring a Senior Living Community

Senior Living

The Top Tips for Touring a Senior Living Community

There are so many reasons people have to look forward to their retirement years. It’s a chance to regain a zest for life by exploring new hobbies, reigniting old passions and just enjoying all life...

Senior man getting the flu vaccine to promote senior health.

Senior Living

Importance of Vaccinations for Seniors

You may have recently heard lots of things in the news lately about vaccinations for children, but did you know that adults and seniors need them as well?

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