Older adult woman pursuing lifelong learning, one of the seven dimensions of wellness.

7 Dimensions of Wellness

What Are the Seven Dimensions of Wellness?

Everyone, no matter their age, is on a search for wellness. And while that might mean something different to everyone, for the most part, people are searching for a balance of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

For older adults, this search becomes even more important. While the majority of the focus is on physical health, exercise, nutrition and activity level, there is so much more to finding overall wellness and happiness.

Seven Dimensions of Wellness for Seniors

By growing a better understanding of what each of the seven dimensions of wellness are, you can learn how to put them into practice and develop a balance that allows you to live your retirement years to the fullest.

Below are the seven dimensions:

1. Physical Wellness – The goal is to strive for optimal physical health through healthy eating and exercise. Your body’s health can impact every other dimension of wellness.

Try these things: Get adequate sleep each night, monitor your diet, exercise, and get regular check-ups with a doctor.

2. Emotional Wellness – It’s important to find a healthy outlet to express your emotions. Emotional build-up can cause stress and anxiety, which is not healthy. Effectively expressing your emotions serves to help you recognize and deal with your issues, leading to a clear mind and a healthy spirit.

Try these things: Practice stress management (meditation), find stress-relieving activities, find support from friends and family, and become a better listener.

3. Social Wellness – The meaningful and healthy relationships you have in your life can be a factor in your overall wellness. Healthy social interaction is integral to mental and physical health.

Try these things: Join senior groups or activities, maintain your existing relationships, volunteer, or choose a senior living community.

4. Spiritual Wellness – No matter what your beliefs happen to be, it’s important to overall wellness to have a set of values, principles and structure to serve as a guide in your decisions. Finding spiritual wellness means digging deep and understanding exactly what it is that you believe.

Try these things: Spend time in nature, join local churches or religious organizations to find a good fit, meditate, and share your existing beliefs with those around you.

5. Occupational Wellness – When you retire, it’s easy to lose fulfillment because you are no longer working. Occupational wellness is all about finding your calling even as an older adult. This vocational calling encourages you to find your passion and helps your mind stay sharp.

Try these things: Explore hobbies that allow you to channel your creativity, pursue lifelong learning at a local college or educational center, volunteer somewhere, and find a way to continue sharing what you are good at.

6. Environmental Wellness – In order to achieve overall wellness, it’s important to do your part to give back to the world by making it a better place. Improving the planet can help you feel good about yourself and find a greater purpose.

Try these things: Practice conservation, start recycling, volunteer, and do whatever you can to minimize waste.

7. Intellectual Wellness – In order to achieve all seven dimensions of wellness, it’s important to always continue learning. The pursuit of lifelong learning and creative expression is important in helping you keep your mind sharp and grow socialization skills.

Try these things: Read books or join a book club, find a creative outlet, do puzzles, or join local classes.

Explore Holistic Wellness Activities at St. Joseph of the Pines

At St. Joseph of the Pines, we believe that true wellness is much more than just physical health and nutrition. Our senior wellness programs and activities are based on nurturing your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Plus, our campuses are designed to support you through every stage of retirement. We strongly encourage you take a tour of Belle Meade and Pine Knoll to see if our community is a good fit for your overall wellness. Contact us today.

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