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Five Low-Impact Cardiovascular Exercises for Seniors

Five Low-Impact Cardiovascular Exercises for Seniors

With cardiovascular disease still being the leading cause of death in the US, it’s important to do your part to stay as heart healthy as possible. As you age, high-impact workouts can be very hard on the body and cause more aches and pains that prevent you from staying in shape.

Luckily, low-impact cardiovascular exercises are just as effective in helping prevent heart disease and keeping your body in optimum health. Try the five cardiovascular exercises below and see which ones feel best for your body and your health.

1. Swimming

Swimming is one of the best all-around exercises for any age. It is extremely low-impact, but is a great cardiovascular workout. Moving in water supports your joints and provides resistance to help strengthen your bones and muscles. Plus, exercising in water prevents your body from overheating during exercise.

2. Yoga

Yoga is highly recommended for all ages, even pregnant women. This low-impact exercise can help build a strong core, improve balance and overall muscular endurance. Plus, yoga can help seniors relax, de-stress and focus on overall health.

3. Walking

No list of cardiovascular workouts is complete without walking. Walking is hard to beat when it comes to everyday fitness. Regular walking is pivotal to heart health and can even prevent constipation in aging adults. Aim for at least 30 minutes of walking a day.

4. Cycling

Indoor or outdoor cycling is a great aerobic exercise for improving endurance and preventing cardiovascular disease. Cycling can help lower blood pressure and stress levels, while strengthening important hip and leg muscles. Ride at your own pace and remember that every little bit helps.

5. TRX Suspension Training

Want to try something completely out of your comfort zone? Try TRX training. The rope-like device uses gravity and body weight to work on overall strength, balance and flexibility. It’s a fun workout that challenges the mind and body. Plus, it’s a great way to get out and try something new!

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