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Senior couple in retirement making the call to downsize their home.

Senior Living

When is the Right Time to Downsize?

Downsizing is a positive choice during retirement. How great would it feel to make choices that are right for you at this time of your life?

Senior couple maintaining a healthy respiratory system by walking in the park.

Senior Living

How to Care for the Respiratory System: 5 Changes You Should Make

An apple a day is meant to keep the doctor away. Well, it’s kind of similar when it comes to your respiratory system. The decisions you make today will impact your lung function for years to come.

Senior woman practicing good hygiene habits by washing her clothes.

Senior Living

Good Hygiene Habits and Rules for Seniors to Follow

At any age, practicing good hygiene is important. But especially in today’s climate, paying close attention to your personal habits can make a huge difference in your health and overall wellness.

Senior woman covering face with a mask to prevent infection.

Senior Living

How Does the Immune System Change as We Age?

As we age, our bodies change. That’s no surprise. But what may come as a surprise is that other things begin to change as well. If you ever feel under the weather, you might notice it takes you...

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