Senior woman holding a house figure at a table to represent home safety.

Top 15 Best Home Safety and Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors

Top 15 Best Home Safety and Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors

As you or your loved ones age, it’s common to want to stay independent for as long as possible. While it’s great to maintain your freedom, it’s also important that you are doing so in a safe environment.

As you age, your risk of a fall or accident greatly increases, and unfortunately the body doesn’t always heal as quickly as it once did. By preventing falls and accidents in your home, you can maintain your independence for longer and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

15 Ways to Prevent Falls and Injuries

There are thousands of little things you can do everyday to help prevent falls or injuries in and around your home. Use our list of the best 15 to get you started on creating a safer environment.

  1. Declutter – Remove unnecessary furniture, rugs and knick-knacks from the home that could otherwise be tripping hazards.
  2. Anti-slip rugs – Make sure any loose rugs in the home are anti-slip or are tacked down to the floor.
  3. Install light switches – Adding lighting at the top and bottom of stairs, in closets, and in hallways can help prevent injury. You can even take it a step further and invest in a chair lift for staircases.
  4. Install grab bars – Putting grab bars in your shower or bathtub can prevent slipping and provide additional stability.
  5. Invest in a medical alert – If you pose a fall risk, it might make sense to invest in a medical alert system or ensure you have a cordless phone or cell phone on you at all times.
  6. Add labels – Labeling on and off buttons on appliances, labeling medications and labeling remote controls can help prevent accidents.
  7. Conceal cords – Phone cords, Internet cables, lamp cords and appliance cords all pose tripping hazards. Tuck them away or invest in covers to conceal them.
  8. Wear stable shoes – This goes without saying, but quality footwear is a must for fall prevention. Invest in properly fitting shoes with a good grip and low heels.
  9. Fire extinguishers – You should already have this in your home, but if not, make sure you have a fire extinguisher on every level in addition to properly working smoke detectors.
  10. Service your appliances – Every 3-6 months have appliances inspected to make sure everything is in proper working order.
  11. Keep slippers handy – When exiting the shower or walking on bare floors make sure you have anti-slip loafers on-hand.
  12. Security system – Seniors are more vulnerable to break-ins and robberies. Invest in a quality security system for added peace of mind.
  13. Protect valuables – Keep important documents, cash and possessions in a safety deposit box at the bank.
  14. Avoid scams – Seniors are more likely to be victimized by door-to-door, phone and Internet scams. If something seems off, it probably is. Ask a family member before providing any personal information.
  15. Consider a walking aid – Especially when walking down the driveway to get the mail or newspaper, it is helpful to have a walking aid nearby for adverse weather conditions.

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Senior woman holding a house figure at a table to represent home safety.

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Top 15 Best Home Safety and Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors

Stay independent for longer with home safety tips for seniors. Prevent falls and maintain your freedom with these useful tips.

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