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The Best Indoor Winter Activities for Senior Adults

The Best Indoor Winter Activities for Senior Adults

Winter can be rough at any age. The fluctuating temperatures that can quickly drop below freezing, random snowstorms that are impossible to plan for, and cold and flu season is in full swing. But that doesn’t mean you can use winter as an excuse not to stay active. There are plenty of great indoor winter activities for seniors and adults to add to their routines.

In general, seniors should aim for at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise each day. To get the most value from a workout, seniors should try to incorporate exercises that focus on balance, endurance, flexibility, and strength. Choosing a routine that is enjoyable and social is important for seniors because it helps to keep them engaged, accountable and committed.

5 Indoor Winter Activities for Senior Adults

Exercise has a huge array of health benefits for seniors and that’s why staying active in the winter is so important. It’s important to stay busy, healthy and in a good frame of mind. So, even when the weather isn’t cooperating, seniors can still stay active with these great indoor winter activities.

  1. Dancing – There is never a wrong time to dance. Dancing is one of the most powerful forms of exercise for full-body health and strength. Not to mention, focusing on dance moves and staying in tune with a beat is great for brain health. Consider trying several types of dance to work different muscle groups and find something that you love.
  2. Yoga – All year-round, yoga is an ideal type of exercise for seniors. It’s low impact, relaxing and it focuses on strengthening key muscles. Listen to your body and modify exercises to suit your fitness level.
  3. Play Games – While it might not be traditional exercise, board games and card games are fantastic forms of mental exercise. Schedule game nights with friends or family and see how quickly the days fly by. When you’re preoccupied with puzzles, card games, or bingo, spring will be here before you know it.
  4. Craft Projects – Knitting, crocheting, tending to an indoor garden or scrapbooking are all great ways to pass the time during the winter. Plus, staying busy with a creative outlet is great for brain health and memory retention.
  5. Walking – Whether you walk around the local mall, an indoor track at the rec center or in the hallways of your senior living community, walking is a fantastic form of exercise. Plus, if you walk with friends it’s a great way to catch up while also hitting your fitness goals.

As always, before starting a new fitness routine it’s important to talk to your health care provider. Let them give you suggestions about ways to stay active during winter and let them know you want to choose indoor winter activities that workout both your brain and your body.

Pursuing a Year-Round Healthy Lifestyle at St. Joseph of the Pines

One of the many benefits about a senior living community is that there are always activities planned to keep residents engaged, healthy and happy year-round. Our independent living community takes care of the activities associated with daily living so residents can focus on new interests, exercise programs, eating nutritious meals and socializing. Find out for yourself. Schedule a tour of one of our North Carolina campuses. Contact us today.

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