Senior couple prioritizing exercise for hip and knee pain.

Knee and Hip Pain Relief and Exercises for Seniors

Knee and Hip Pain Relief and Exercises for Seniors

The fact is, having hip and knee pain is common for older adults. Even for active seniors, hip and knee pain can eventually creep up. As people age, it’s common to lose some strength and bone density that are important for preventing injury.

And while taking it easy is always a good rule of thumb when experiencing pain, it might not be the best option for seniors with hip and knee pain. The best way to experience relief is to actually embrace movement.

Finding Hip and Knee Pain Relief

Having a sedentary lifestyle is the root cause of many seniors’ hip pain. It’s common as people age to become less active and mobile. However, this isn’t even the biggest issue. When seniors experience hip pain, it can often begin to progress into sciatic nerve pain, leg pain, and knee pain.

Hip joints are designed to withstand some wear and tear. There is cartilage that helps provide a cushion between the hip bone and its socket. As people age, this cartilage tends to wear down, making seniors more susceptible to pain, falls and potentially fractures. In fact, falls are one of the biggest causes of hospitalization within this age group.

One of the best ways to find relief for hip and knee pain is through thoughtful exercise programs that focus on these key areas. The goal is to improve mobility, prevent falls and provide some relief from chronic pain.

Knee and Hip Pain Exercises

Hip and knee pain can disrupt a normal walk and restrict overall movement. This can eventually lead to a weakening of the muscles. Incorporating a safe and healthy exercise plan can help to address the most common weaknesses and muscle tightness associated with hip and knee pain.

Below are the best types of exercises for seniors with hip and knee pain:

  1. Yoga – Yoga has been shown to work wonders for tight hips and knees. Yoga is designed to combine exercises that strengthen and stretch the muscles in the hip, leg, and glute. When done regularly, this can help to alleviate some pain and improve quality of life. If yoga seems like it may be too challenging, consider chair yoga as a starting point.
  2. Low-Impact Cardio – One of the best ways to alleviate hip pain is to keep moving. It may seem counter-intuitive but staying active is key to help relieve some pain. Join a walking group or take up cycling and be sure it’s on stable, even ground.
  3. Swimming – Water has been shown to support weight, which reduces stress on joints. Swimming also helps to improve the range of motion and endurance without too much strenuous effort.
    The most important thing when it comes to hip and knee pain is listening to the body. While exercise is an important component to relieving pain, it’s also necessary to provide the body rest while injuries heal.

Improve Your Quality of Life at St. Joseph of the Pines

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