A senior couple packing for their upcoming move to a senior community.

Moving to a Senior Community

Moving to a Senior Community: Tips to Make the Most of Your New Home

Are you excited about making the move to an independent living community? You should be. Not only does living in an independent living community give you more time to explore new interests and hobbies, but it also gives you a chance to meet new people and make the most of your retirement years.

But, will it really ever feel like home? Yes! When moving to a senior community, there are some things you can do in your new apartment, villa or cottage to make it feel just like home. Plus, the more relationships you build once you move in will have you feeling right at home in no time.

Below is our list of the top 10 ways to make your new senior apartment feel like home:

  1. Family photos and memorabilia – Fill your new space with lots of photographs of your loved ones and add trinkets that remind you of your favorite memories.
  2. Bring the outdoors inside – Plants add life and vibrancy to a space and can actually improve air quality.
  3. Make room for guests – Invest in comfy furniture that is inviting and gives your family plenty of space when they visit.
  4. Pay attention to the scale of the space – Try to avoid bringing in bulky furniture pieces or large artwork.
  5. Improve accessibility – Make sure walkways are clear and you can easily move around your home as needed.
  6. Get creative with storage – You might not be used to living in a smaller space, so getting stylish and creative storage can help you maximize your space.
  7. Involve your family – You’ll love your new space even more if your family helps you make it feel like home.
  8. Add color for inspiration – Pops of color can set the entire mood for your new space so pick ones that inspire you.
  9. Blend comfort with safety – Make sure the furniture pieces, rugs, and lamps you purchase are all designed to prevent falls and promote comfort.
  10. Choose an aesthetic – Try to make your new home cohesive by choosing a traditional, modern, or transitional aesthetic for your space.

An independent living community doesn’t have to be sterile. Make your mark on your senior living apartment by using some of our style tips. Once you feel comfortable in your new space you’ll be ready to start your new adventure.

Independent Living Designed for the Way You Live

Retirement is your chance to get a fresh start. Eliminate the stresses associated with daily living and focus more attention on the things you love. With a variety of floor plans and a full selection of services and amenities, St. Joseph of the Pines is the perfect place to call home. Our Belle Meade location offers homes, cottages and apartments and our Pine Knoll location offers cottages, villas, and apartments. We invite you to see for yourself. Schedule a tour of Belle Meade and Pine Knoll to see if our North Carolina communities feel like home. Contact us today.

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