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Happy senior man using technology to listen to music.

Senior Living

Technology and Seniors

Technology plays a major role in daily life and it’s not going anywhere. While traditionally seniors might have resisted technology, they are slowly starting to see its value in this internet...

Senior couple prioritizing exercise for hip and knee pain.

Senior Living

Knee and Hip Pain Relief and Exercises for Seniors

The fact is, having hip and knee pain is common for older adults. Even for active seniors, hip and knee pain can eventually creep up. As people age, it’s common to lose some strength and bone density.

Senior woman painting in a creative arts class.

Senior Living

Benefits of Art for Seniors

It’s no surprise that exercise, socialization and lifelong learning are all important aspects to aging well. Keeping the mind and body in good shape is essential to maintaining independence and living

Senior male making heart healthy choices with a salad for lunch.

Senior Living

The 5 Best Tips to A Healthy Heart

By now you are probably well aware that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. And while that statistic is startling, it’s becoming more and more understood that there are c

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