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How Accurate are Senior Living Reviews?

How Accurate are Senior Living Reviews?

Making the leap to a senior living community is a major step in your retirement. And when you are in the midst of your search, it can be difficult to know what direction to go. Do you care most about the amenities? The services? The accommodations? It’s common to feel a little overwhelmed by the decision-making process.

Review sites offer a lot of information when it comes to senior living communities, but you may wonder if they are truly the best source of accurate information.

Senior Living Reviews: Understanding Review and Referral Sites

There are many online directories and referral sites about senior living. Some of the most popular show up at the top of almost all search engine results. And while they offer a wealth of information including charts, blog posts, articles, statistics and more, they don’t always show you the entire picture.

Some of these sites profit based on the decisions you make. They aim to connect you with certain facilities and if it’s one you choose – they make a small commission. What does this mean for you? It means you could be swayed into making a certain decision based on inaccurate information.

Ultimately, senior living reviews from referral sites are a great way to start your search. They may help you narrow down your options and find a few viable senior living communities that you feel good about. However, they can’t help you make the final decision.

After reading online senior living reviews, it’s best to do more research on your own to ensure you make the best choice for your future. Look at the community websites online and narrow down your options to a few of your favorites. Consider location, cost and community amenities.

Consider these additional tips for choosing the right senior living community:

  • Look beyond aesthetics and amenities
  • Schedule tours of your top options
  • Talk to actual residents about their experience
  • Find out about continuum care plans
  • Speak with staff members and ask about overall care
  • Remember what is most important to you in your search

Tour only your top three choices so you don’t get overwhelmed throughout the process. Take trusted friends or family members along with you so they can ask questions you might not think of at the moment. The goal is to find a senior living community that makes you feel comfortable, allows you to pursue your goals and encourages you to live your very best retirement lifestyle.

You will know when you’ve found the right place to call home.

Find a Place to Call Home at St. Joseph of the Pines

At St. Joseph of the Pines we understand that every resident has a different goal for their retirement. That is why we offer a variety of floor plans, amenities, and services to help you find the exact right fit for you. Plus, we offer a continuum of care that offers you peace of mind now and well into the future. Let us take you on a tour one of our North Carolina campuses to see if we might be a good fit for you to call home.

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