Find out what makes Southern Pines the ideal place to spend your retirement.

Southern Pines Activities

Retirement Living: Things to do in Southern Pines, NC

Southern Pines is a small town in Moore County, North Carolina. With a population of just over 14,000 people, Southern Pines was founded as a winter health retreat for Northerners. Summers are hot and warm and winters are short and cool. Temperatures usually fluctuate from the mid-30s in winter to the upper 80s in summer.

So, what makes Southern Pines, NC the ideal place to spend your retirement years? The lack of a long, harsh winter and the long spans of warm weather in spring and fall make this city an outdoor-lover’s paradise.

The Top Outdoor Activities in Southern Pines, NC

There is always so much going on in this North Carolina town, making it the perfect backdrop to make friends and explore all the area has to offer.

Below are just a few of the best outdoor activities available to residents of Southern Pines.

  1. Golfing – If you love to golf, you will spend countless hours exploring the many area golf courses. Golfers can test their skills at the Beacon Ridge Golf and Country Club, Longleaf Golf and Country Club, Deercroft Golf Club, National Golf Club, and Seven Lakes Country Club, just to name a few.
  2. Nature Walks – The gorgeous natural parks at Southern Pines feature breathtaking views and hiking trails that let you get back to nature while getting valuable exercise. Check out Sandhurst Park, Weymouth Woods, Reservoir Park or Lumber River State Park.
  3. Fishing – When you aren’t exploring the hiking trails, many of these local parks are the ideal spots to go boating or to throw in a line on from the shore.
  4. Gardening – Whether you start your own garden, tend to a community garden or just browse around the Sandhills Horticultural Gardens, you’ll be amazed by all the beautiful plants that thrive in Southern Pines, NC.
  5. Bird Watching – Did you know the protected Red-Cockaded Woodpecker is native to Southern Pines? Take your binoculars and explore the city to find a rare sighting of these beautiful birds.

The Top Indoor Activities in Southern Pines, NC

When the heat of summer becomes too much to bear, set your sights on all the amazing shopping, restaurants, boutiques and coffee shops in the area. These are the best places to socialize with friends, learn more about the city and get to know your neighbors.

Below are a few of the other options for indoor activities in Southern Pines, NC:

  1. Theaters – Residents of Southern Pines are lucky to have the Sunrise Theater centrally located Downtown to watch concerts, plays, and movies.
  2. Shopping – Historic Downtown Southern Pines streets are lined with specialty shops, cafes and book stores all waiting for you to explore.
  3. Library – The perfect spot to spend a rainy afternoon, the library in Southern Pines offers a collection of “honor” books that have no due date and free WiFi.
  4. Galleries – The breathtaking Campbell House is home to the galleries of the Arts Council of Moore County. Get lost in all the beautiful art pieces.
  5. Museums – The Weymouth Center and grounds is a historical and cultural site that is worth exploring. And it’s currently celebrating its 40th year.

If you are looking for a way to pursue all life has to offer, it might be time to consider spending your retirement years in Southern Pines, North Carolina.

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