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Technology and Seniors

Technology and Seniors

Technology plays a major role in daily life and it’s not going anywhere. While traditionally seniors might have resisted technology, they are slowly starting to see its value in this internet-dependent society. From smart phones to tablets, seniors are starting to become more and more tech-savvy.

So, how can seniors make the most of technology? And what are the biggest benefits of seniors using technology? The fact is, seniors are able to use technology in ways they never imagined. By making the most of the internet, seniors can improve their quality of life and maintain their independence.

Top 5 Benefits of Seniors Using Technology

Despite the fact that mastering technology is challenging because of frequent updates, technology can be a major asset to seniors and caregivers. There are a variety of ways seniors can start to utilize technology and devices to enhance their quality of life and improve their overall independence.

  1. Socialization – Staying socially engaged is vital to the health and wellness of aging adults. Through the use of technology, seniors can use video chat services, social media, and email to stay in touch with family and loved ones. Seniors can also use the internet to participate in virtual schooling, art classes, and more to engage in life-long learning and meet new people with similar interests.
  2. Mental and Physical Wellness – One of the great things about technology is that it puts so much at seniors’ fingertips. From virtual exercise classes and video games controlled by motion to mentally challenging online games, seniors can more easily stay active and ensure they are keeping their minds sharp. Participating in video games is also a great way to bond with grandchildren or younger generations.
  3. Health Tracking – Did you know that smartwatches, fitness bands, and assistive technology devices are all available for seniors to closely monitor their health? Managing blood oxygen levels, sleep activity, and other vitals can provide peace of mind and encourage seniors to maintain healthy habits.
  4. Caregiving Support – Technology can provide the perfect supplement to traditional caregiving support. If a senior relies on a loved one for care, it can sometimes be challenging if they aren’t always readily available. Smart apps can help with medication reminders, prescription refills, and even help with finding lost keys or misplaced remotes.
  5. Creating a Smart Home – While a senior might not be quite ready to move into a senior living community, they might also find themselves needing a little more help with the activities associated with daily living. Investing in things like smart doorbells, meal delivery services, and robot vacuum cleaners, can ensure seniors get the assistance they need while also maintaining the independence they want.

Once seniors look past their objections to using technology, they might just realize the numerous benefits. When it comes to technology and seniors, the goal is to improve quality of life, maintain independence and pursue lifelong learning.

Improving Quality of Life at St. Joseph of the Pines

When it comes time to make the decision about how you will spend your retirement years, we know the goal is to improve quality of life. At St. Joseph of the Pines, we recognize the importance of staying socially active, pursuing lifelong learning and maintaining independence for as long as possible. We encourage you and your loved ones to learn more about our senior living community and what makes it unique. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our North Carolina campuses and to schedule a tour.

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