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Senior Nutrition: Weight Loss Tips for Recovering from the Holidays

Senior Nutrition: Weight Loss Tips for Recovering from the Holidays

Everyone overdoes it around the holidays. Even if you walk into Christmas dinner with the very best intentions it isn’t long before someone brings out a tray of your favorite frosted gingerbread cookies and you just can’t resist. Don’t feel bad! It’s ok to indulge around the holidays and everyone does it. No one sticks to a diet 100% during the holiday season.

But if you over-indulge that’s where you could run into some problems. You don’t want to let one short season ruin a full year of healthy eating. Luckily, it doesn’t have to. With some thoughtful choices, you can reverse all the bad decisions you made and get back on track with your weight loss goals after the holidays are over.

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips for Post-Holiday Senior Nutrition

First things first, if you made the common mistake of over-eating around the holidays, do not fall victim to the many New Year’s Resolution diets that will be calling your name. You need to think about safety first. Below are 10 ways to lose weight after the holidays in a healthy way. And remember, when doing any kind of new exercise routine, it’s important to meet with your doctor to discuss a plan and listen to what your body is telling you. Never push yourself past the point where you are comfortable.

  1. Don’t dwell on the past – Do not beat yourself up for falling off the healthy eating wagon. The holidays are about having fun, enjoying yourself and living life to the fullest.
  2. Get rid of the leftovers – If you went home with a full refrigerator of leftovers, give them to someone else. The temptation will be too strong and you don’t need it staring you in the face.
  3. Increase your water intake – The first thing you can do is to increase your water intake. Drinking plenty of water can reduce unhealthy cravings and help your heart.
  4. Change what you eat – Whatever you do, don’t skip meals. Instead, make sure all your meals are full of leafy greens, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein.
  5. Follow an 80/20 diet – Don’t punish yourself for enjoying the holidays. You can still afford to splurge, but do it in thoughtful ways that won’t get you completely off course.
  6. Hold off on a gym membership – Before committing to a full year gym membership, consider the types of exercises you like to do. Maybe it would be more beneficial for you to join a walking group, local yoga studio or just trying some exercises at home first.
  7. Avoid the scale – You know you indulged and weighing yourself every day won’t change that. Instead, plan to only weigh yourself once a week.
  8. Get your beauty sleep – As you age, resting your muscles is just as important as working them out. Lack of sleep can actually increase weight gain, so shoot for a good night’s sleep.
  9. Find a buddy – As we said earlier, everyone indulges during the holidays. Find someone with similar goals as yours and try to hold each other accountable for making progress.
  10. Keep track – Keep track of your goals, track your weight loss journey and track your meals. All of these things will help you stay accountable for achieving success.

Focus on Your Goals at St. Joseph of the Pines

When it comes to focusing on your goals, you need freedom from everyday burdens. St. Joseph of the Pines offers a variety of independent living options to help you find the right fit for your retirement goals. We offer a full continuum of care so you can direct your attention to living a healthier, happier and more independent lifestyle. Learn more about all we have to offer by contacting us to schedule a tour of one of our North Carolina campuses.

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