Senior couple in retirement making the call to downsize their home.

When is the Right Time to Downsize?

When is the Right Time to Downsize?

While there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to downsizing for seniors, there are some telltale signs that the timing might be right. If you find your home is starting to become too much to manage or you’d rather spend more time doing the things you love, it might be time to just start considering the possibility of downsizing.

But how do you know when the time is right to switch from the consideration phase into the action phase? Don’t worry, there are some clear signs that will help you make the decision.

5 Ways to Know When it is the Right Time to Downsize

Retirement is one of the biggest reasons people start to consider downsizing. And that makes sense. Your needs change, your goals change and your lifestyle changes. Seniors are hoping to stretch their retirement savings further by decreasing their annual expenses. Below are just a few other signs that it might be time to downsize.

  1. Hard Time with Maintenance – Even in retirement, your home requires upkeep. From cleaning and repairs to yardwork and small projects, the list never ends. And if you’re starting to feel overwhelmed by it all, then it might be a good time to look at other options.
  2. House is Too Big – If you find yourself shutting off areas of your house that are being unused, it is probably a good indication that you should downsize. These unused areas of the house still require maintenance, heating, and cooling.
  3. Changes in Your Lifestyle – If you are entering into your retirement years, you might want to make decisions that will allow you to live carefree now and well into the future. Downsizing gives you more flexibility based on changing needs as the years go by.
  4. You Want to Build a Safety Net – Right now, it’s a seller’s market. There is a good chance that seniors looking to sell larger family homes can make a substantial profit. This is additional money that can be used to travel, grow your retirement savings or pass along to your family members.
  5. You Have Existing Health Conditions – It’s not uncommon to start to feel like a burden on family members who act as caregivers. If you find yourself in need of assistance with the tasks associated with daily living, it might make sense to downsize to an assisted living facility.

If any of these concerns have you thinking about a fresh start in retirement, then it’s in your best interest to explore your options. Downsizing is a great way for you to get the most from your retirement years while also ensuring you are protected well into the future.

Finding Peace of Mind in Retirement at St. Joseph of the Pines

Just soe of the benefits of senior living are that there are always activities, services and nutritious meals available to residents. This makes it easy for seniors to pursue a healthier lifestyle that is focused on their retirement goals and interests. At St. Joseph of the Pines, we offer a full continuum of care that gives residents peace of mind now and well into the future. Find out if our retirement community is the right place to downsize. Contact us today.

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